Next Meeting Time & Venue

Meeting Dates: May 12 & 13, 2015                       

Meeting venue: Dubai, UAE


Mr. C. Ramadasan/Mr. Uday Padhye; India

Mr. Kevin Sung; Taiwan

Mr. Siraj Baug; Dubai

Mr. JB Jiang; Malaysia

Mr. Arun/Phom; Thailand/Vietnam

Mr. James Kim; Korea

Mr. Ismael Cruz; Philippines

Mr. Ramin Ashari; Iran

Mr. Thomas Luo;China

Absent Attendants:

Mr. Durban L. Ardjo; Indonesia

Mr. Sheikh Habibullah Al Mohammad; Bangladesh

Mr. Ihab El-Hariry; Egypt

Key Topics Discussions

First of all, Mr. Baug representing Seatech UAE made an open speech to welcome all the members to come to Dubai for AQSC’s Annual Meeting. 

Kevin Sung as the Chairman on behalf of all members express a sincere thanks to Mr. Baug to accept the request from Mr. Ramadasan to organize the meeting in Dubai under a very short time notice after some members’ concern about visiting in Iran at current moment. And the meeting event was under well organized. 

A. Last Meeting Action Review and Topics for strengthen AQSC

1. Due to formality concern about Directors change (annually) and continuity of Chairman transfer, 3 years term was decided, and therefore, AQSC members Laws was reviewed and revised. Please refer to the attached for latest version.(Kevin’s action)

2. The AQSC Website outline is reviewed and write-up. QSS India will take the lead to develop with their local IT agency to make it within 2 months time. In the meantime, the AQSC Brochures will be also drafted from the same IT agency for all members review. (Mr. Ramadasan’s action)

3. Member Company’s Certificate draft was presented by QSS and comments from Members for finalization. QSS India will do a final printing and issue to each Member. The Certificate will be valid for 2 years time.  (Mr. Ramadasan’s action) 

4. Regarding the Technical Committees’ functions and purposes, we have a more clear definition. It will be Committee’s responsibility of providing technical supports and advices to member who makes such request including a Working Guideline, Technical queries answer and even a technical Training  Request.

5. The membership yearly maintenance fee will be collected in January 2016 for   2 years time covering to the end of year 2017.

6. Any of next meeting hosting country will have the right to ask for “Half day” Training, or Technical Workshop discussion with particular interesting topic,  and then AQSC will organize for it to benefit their staffs of hosting country. After that Training, AQSC Certificate will be issued accordingly as recognition.   (Kevin’s action)

B. Current program development & status

1. KAFFTC - Korea

Understand this program is still going on under annual basis. In order to have GSI Korea to be nominated and to meet Korean Government requirement saying the applying Company must to have registered local Branch Company (for this case, mainly talking about Thailand 15%, USA 30% and China 55%). GSI is encouraged to prepare it early for the next year bid by utilizing AQSC network as their supporting registered branches in local to convince Korea Government for bidding. It is GSI’s action with AQSC supports for the coming >Bid.  (Mr. Kim’s action)

2. LPSR – Philippines

Regarding the “Professional Negligence Penalty” term item 7, ATS Philippines proposed for 2 times of Survey fee that is getting reasonable. However, members still feel that ATS should be available to cover all of these potential risks in their P&I Issuance policy to Philippines government, not really necessary to ask their supportive affiliates for this penalty. Still suggest QIS >Philippines to bring up this issue to ATS Philippines for further consideration.  (Mr. Cruz’s action)

C. General discussion to strengthen AQSC

1. There is no any particular concern for AQSC to invite any potential member from European area and countries as long as they are meeting the qualification to be proposed by considering its operation size with no international or global matured organization and just seeking for the same interests as our current members for job referring and technical exchange purpose. (All members’ action)

2. It will be a mandatory to have each member to promote AQSC logo in each of their issued Certificate and/or Reports as well as printed Name Card. (All members’ action)

3. AQSC should be more active to approach to whoever of the Government agencies for potential business promotion like MAF of New Zealand, Korea, GOST of Russia, SASO of Saudi Arabia.   (Kevin’s Action)

4. Mobile APP promotion (Viber; Line or the like) should be promoted for internal communication among members. Viber is preferred. >  (All members’ action)

D. Next meeting;

* From all members’ full discussion, all the members kindly considered Mr. Durban’s (Geo) suggestion, and agreed with Mr. Durban’s mail proposal to held the next meeting in Indonesia. Kevin will coordinate this with Mr. Durban. (Kevin’s action)

* The proposed Meeting time will be around March 2016.  (Mr. Durban’s action)

E. Attachments

* Revised AQSC By-Laws

* Web-site Outline

-End of Meeting minutes-


LPSR - Philippines

Regarding the “Professional Negligence Penalty” term item 7, ATS Philippines proposed for 2 times of ...

KAFFTC - Korea

Understand this program is still going on under annual basis. In order to have GSI Korea to be nominated and to ...

The Eighth Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Dates: May 12 & 13, 2015                   ...

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