General Requirements

AQSC General Requirements By Laws - 7

1) No member will have any financial interest in manufacture and trade.

2) Each member shall act as Official Representative of other member company or companies and act on their behalf sincerely on the basis of the mutually agreed contract terms. Every time a work is assigned to a member by another member, a clear written agreement shall be made, unless there is a long term contract is signed. Many a times, basis on urgency the work may be required to start urgently without discussion and conditions fixed. In such cases, the work shall be taken on verbal commitment and the same shall be communicated & confirmed by mail at the earliest.

3) The Consortium stands for to extend the support to the members to provide their service to facilitate trade and industry in all possibilities. Prompt and no-delay service is to be given to the clients without compromising the contractual and procedural requirements.

4) Terms and conditions for the acceptance of jobs from other members shall be on case-to-case basis or on long term yearly arrangements depending on mutual written agreements. However, the commitments in the agreement shall be met to avoid unpleasantness and also to develop a better and stronger bonds.

5) All members are not specialized in all kinds of jobs. The capabilities of other consortium members may be taken as an opportunity to develop new services. If future business opportunity is less in a particular field, we should recommend another company who can do the job satisfactorily to the needy or if interested, take up the contract and get it executed by another company and issue the report. But this should be with specific knowledge of the principal. This will have two benefits (a) business will remain within the group (b) one will get opportunity to learn by deputing a person to witness the job.

6) If a member is looking for a specialized service, if other member of the Consortium is capable of performing it, the capability may be shared with the needy member for mutual benefits.

7) In case of any dispute/s between the members, efforts shall be made to resolve the issue amicably themselves. If necessary the matter may be referred to the Consortium Board for resolving it. The decision of the Board shall be final and be acceptable by both members.

8) All members shall respect each other member and extend cooperation and assistance in marketing, order execution, grievance resolution, brand building, new service development etc.

9) New member may be considered for admission from the same country where already there is a member provided their activities are not in competition with the existing member and all other conditions are fulfilling.

10) Consortium aims to have minimum one member from each country. In case of an additional member's application comes, it is clearly understood that the new member's application is considered for admission with his present activities mentioned in his application which shall not conflict with the existing member's activities in the same country. After admission, if the activity is changed or new activity is added which creates conflicts with the existing member's activity, then the new member's membership shall be invalidated. The same action shall be applicable, if the existing member encroaches the activities of the new member. Any change or addition / deletion of activities shall be officially intimated in writing to the Consortium Board.

11) If any of the member organization has developed any new service and if he wants to expand to other countries, he can make use of this meeting to have a workshop or training session for one to 2 hours. Such a request can be put to the Chairman / Board prior to preparing the agenda for the meeting. Board shall consider this on the merit and include in the agenda to the benefit of all.


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